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Avoiding Wedding Day Emergencies
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

 When it comes to a wedding day, the potential for a disaster to happen is pretty great.  Grooms can rip their tuxedos, brides get stains on their dresses or flower girls fall down and scuff their knees.  It always pays to be prepared with an emergency kit.  The kit should contain almost anything you would need to fix a wedding day mishap and can get you through some potential crisis.  Stock the bare essentials in a bag and give it to your mother of bridesmaid to take care of.What To Stock in a Wedding Day Emergency Kitextra pantyhosebobby pins, safety pins, straight pins, and corsage pinsfake rings (for the ring bearer’s pillow or an emergency)clear nail ...

How to Figure Your Wedding Budget
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Where do you start?  How much money do we have to spend on the party of our life? How do I determine how much  of our money we should budget for each area?  Well, I am going to give you a basic budget guideline that will help you get started:42% reception (food, drink and site)8% wedding rings8% photography6% flowers6% rehearsal dinner5% dress5% videography4% reception music3% groom's formal wear2% hair and makeup for bride and bridal party2% invitations and announcements2% ceremony music2% ceremony site2% wedding cake2% transportation1% favorsNow, I have read several budget guidelines; but the one thing that is omitted the most is a wedding ...

Trends, Trends, and More Trends in Wedding Ideas
Tuesday, October 09, 2012

 I do research on a daily basis to make sure that I offer my brides the latest and greatest ideas to enhance their party and offer them suggestions to stay current with their party planning.  There are so many awesome ideas for wedding ceremonies and receptions that I find myself saying, I already do that...I think that the reason why I can say that is because I look at the whole picture for a wedding and make sure that it truly comes the party of their lives.  I always say that it only happens once in your life so Go For It!When talking to the bride and groom, getting their wants and desires in the forefront helps me to offer the correct suggestions.  I focus on the ...

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue
Saturday, October 06, 2012

 One of the most frequent requests from a bride is that they want to find a location that will make her wedding different from every other wedding she’s ever attended.  No one wants their wedding and reception to be just like everybody else’s, and often the site is the biggest factor brides use to set their wedding apart.Depending on where you live, you have lots of options for wedding ceremonies and/or receptions.  In San Antonio, there are many locations to choose from; ranging from contemporary to historic. The Texas Hill Country has some magnificent options with breath-taking views.  Here are some ways to find a great reception venue:Word of ...

Sorry Brides...there is No Day Of Planner...Hire a Planner
Thursday, August 30, 2012

 Make it a perfect day, work with a planner!As I continue my journey onward and upward to becoming the best Wedding Planner in the Denver area and the beautiful Rocky Mountain region, I have met many, many brides and their Mothers.  Each Bride is unique in their ideas and visions of their wedding days and I love hearing all of the ideas and the dreams that they have.  Their eyes sparkle with excitement and anticipation as they describe all of the things that they will be doing....until, I ask the following question..."who is going to be taking care of all of this on your wedding day?"  "Why me, my mother or my best friend...she did her wedding a while back and she ...

6 Reasons to NOT Hire a Wedding Planner
Sunday, August 26, 2012

 6 Reasons to NOT hire a wedding planner.1. You have a lot of timeSince you don’t have a job nor are you in school, you have a lot free time to research, interview tons of vendors, and plan out all of the details. You also have time to read and study wedding books from cover to cover so you will know all it takes to pull off a successful wedding. Studies have shown on average it takes couples 250 hours to plan their wedding and with nothing to do, you have plenty of time!2. Your retired mother or a relative can help.So maybe you have a job and your time is limited. I’m sure your retired mother or close relative can help. When it comes to helping you create the overall ...

Decorate Your Wedding and Reception with Old Doors!
Thursday, August 23, 2012

 I will never drive by a door lying on the side of the road again.  As a wedding planner and designer, I have learned to appreciate the art of turning someone else's' trash and making it a true treasure.  There are so many great ways to use doors to add a little whimsy or even purpose to your wedding ceremony and reception.purpose to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Why I Became an Ordained Officiant
Monday, August 20, 2012

 Over the years I have witnessed hundreds of wedding ceremonies that had officiates conduct the proceedings. Many were beautiful and I cried at every wedding I assisted with. I did notice on many occasions that the nuptials lacked some things: passion, individuality and the true feeling of love. I then made a decision in my life that I think will benefit the brides that I plan weddings for; I became an Ordained Minister and Officiant.  This is not only a convenience for my brides, but my personality will shine through and make the ceremony come to life.I will bring a new and fresh approach to your wedding ceremony. I will conduct the service of your choice, ...

Cake Toppers That Add a Uniqueness to Your Cake
Thursday, August 16, 2012
Avoiding Wedding Day Emergencies

 Rhinestone initial cake toppers are great and add the bling that so many brides want.  But the trend is being overdone and has been around for over 2 years.  As a wedding planner, I love to research options to suggest to a bride.  You spend a lot of money on your cake and it is an expression of your personality and individuality.  After all, you designed it!I have found some cake toppers that are fabulous.  I hope that you enjoy them and they will inspire you to think outside of the norm.  Your cake is a focal point for your reception and you want your guests to truly admire the thought you put into the design. This cake topper is magnificent. ...

Keep the Food Coming Out All Night for Your Wedding Guests
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Avoiding Wedding Day Emergencies

 When planning your reception, you are often asked for the timeline (I personally call it a sequence of events, because nothing ever goes off on time for a wedding!) and so you proceed to work on this with you wedding planner, DJ and caterer, to name a few. The day is a long one for you, but keep in mind that the day is a long one for your guests, too. They are literally devoting their entire day to be with you all to help celebrate your wedding day. Their reward for showering you with gifts and devoting the day to you is great food and drinks! Unfortunately, when you are doing your budget-these areas are the ones where the scrimping and saving takes place. It should be the 1st thing ...