Ceremonies to Celebrate


I am an Ordained Officiant that posseses the passion to deliver a service that will bring tears of joy, love, and laughter for all of your guests to share with you on your wedding day. 

Over the years I have witnessed hundreds of wedding ceremonies that had officiants conduct the proceedings.  Many were beautiful and I cried at every wedding I assisted with.  I did notice on many occasions that the nuptials lacked some things: passion, individuality and the true feeling of love.  

I will bring a new and fresh approach to your wedding ceremony.  

I will conduct the service of your choice, whether it is traditional or personalized to capture your love and compassion for the person that you will be spending the rest of your life with.  

Your guests will thoroughly enjoy your ceremony.  They will laugh and cry. They will remember the special words and how they were spoken.  

No matter the location or style of your ceremony, I will conduct it with enthusiasm and passion.  Your guests will be able to appreciate the thought that you both have put into your union as husband and wife. 

"Love is in the details!" 

I will make sure that all of the details for your ceremony are filled with LOVE!